Richard Wade Willis

Compassionate Inquiry and Energy Medicine Practioner

Bridging indigenous wisdom with psycho-therapeutic approaches to invite the brilliance of your being to shine forth.

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Offerings and Packages

Plant Medicine Integration and Psycho-Spiritual Support

You will receive seven personalized sessions over the course of three months. Support will range from Compassionate Inquiry to deep somatic work, energy medicine, and guidance in the realms of plant spirit medicine.

For those who are awakening to the power of plants and spirit medicine, we can work together through trauma informed, and somatically based practices to bring presence wherever it is most needed. I am here to reflect back your essence in a grounded way that makes plenty of room for the great mystery to live through you.

Energy Medicine Sessions

This package of four sessions is offered in-person and online.

Tapping into the powerful medicine of the Andes Mountains and the generous support of a strong lineage from Q’eros nation Peru, we will meet whatever is arising with great care and the blessings of Pacha Mama.

Clients benefit from breaking loose and releasing accumulated heaviness that contributes to fatigue, doubt, physical pain and self-defeating patterns. We can call in lots of support to inform a healthy Cosmo-vision and ways of being that are harmonized with the natural world and its abundance of medicine.

Traditional Offerings (Despacho)

These offerings to Pacha Mama are a beautiful way to bring blessings into our lives. We can make an offering to clear and nourish the land, protect your home, or to simply celebrate life and align our prayers in service to love.

This Sacred service is offered on the island of Kauai for a sliding scale of $222-$333

Guided Day Long Meditations and Traditional Plant Dieta

Please schedule a 30-minute discovery call to explore plant possibilities.

“Richy is the most gifted and humble space holder that I’ve been blessed enough to connect with. The depth that I was able to access with his guidance and devotion to his work has continued to benefit me and my unfolding. Highly recommend, Richy is a rare gem with profound gifts to share.”

-Patrick Corcoron

“Richy is a very talented healer. His kindness and compassion allows for a deep safe healing space. With his mastery, he has taken me to the depths of my being, where I found missing parts that needed my attention. I feel eternally grateful for his services and how they have improved my life. I highly recommend, take the step, don’t think too much about it. You will be happy you did.”

Richy is one of the most gifted healers and space holders I have ever had the privilege of working with. He brings wisdom from multiple traditions and has studied with elders in Peru and beyond for many years. Richy has a special ability to create emotional openings even when there is deep trauma. He holds impeccable space and is incredibly energetically attuned. I feel safe and respected with Richy, and I trust him with my deepest emotions. He takes his work very seriously and holds it as sacred. I could not recommend working with Richy in this type of capacity more highly!

-Alex Litwin