About Me

Richard Wade

Guided Plant Meditations and Psycho-Spiritual Support


Having devoted over 20 years to consciousness exploration in psychedelic realms and healing, Richard Wade is able to offer true depth that meets and guides with a well-earned experiential wisdom.

Richard Wade began working with plant medicines in the Peruvian Amazon in 2013. His commitment to plant dieta and awakening to the vast healing potential of spirit medicine reached new heights when he began his continuing apprenticeship with Don Agustin Machacca Florez of Q’eros nation in 2016. His skilfull approach and keen insights into psycho-spiritual integration are nourished through sustained study with Jennifer Welwood and Dr. Gabor Mate.

My clients tend to be powerfully connected beings with a deep wish to step more fully onto the path of awakening and service to love. Our work together gives rise to a deep confidence in your capacity to show up for the full-spectrum of the human experience with openness, clarity, and a felt sense of support.

We can co-create a container of healing where you will learn how to apply ancient wisdom technologies in your personal and professional life. My wish is to support you in tapping into the beautiful medicines within you and all around you so that you can radiate more-and-more of who you already are!

Payments can be made to richardwwillis@icloud.com via PayPal or Zelle. For new clients, please schedule a free introductory call to see how we can work together to best suit your needs. All offerings are available at discounted rates for those who would otherwise be unable to access these services.