About Me

Richard Wade

Energy Medicine Practitioner and Plant Medicine Guide


Richard Wade began sowing the seeds of plant medicines in the Peruvian Amazon in 2013. His commitment to plant dieta and awakening to the vast healing potential of spirit medicine reached new heights when he began his continuing apprenticeship with Don Agustin Machacca Florez of Q’eros nation in 2016. His skilfull approach and keen insights into psycho-spiritual integration are nourished through sustained study with Jennifer Welwood and Dr. Gabor Mate.

My intention is to point you toward your innate capacity to include all aspects of the human experience in the open embrace of loving presence. Together, we can navigate whatever is arising with care and skill to invite you into direct contact with the truth of your being.

My way of working with clients is oriented around teaching practices that form sacred structures and support awakening. Clients benefit from learning how to apply ancient wisdom technologies in their personal and professional lives. My wish is to support you in tapping into the beautiful medicines within you and around you so that you can bring more-and-more loving presence into how you show up for yourself and your loved ones.

Get in touch

Please reach out for a complimentary 15 minute check-in to find out how we can work together. Or select the package that best suits your needs. I look forward to beginning our journey together!

Psycho-spiritual Inquiry and/or Plant Medicine Integration work. 1-hour session for $150 USD. Or 6-sessions for $750.
Q’ero Energy Medicine. 1-hour session for $150.
Earth Offering (despacho) $200
Guided Plant Meditation with Preparation and Integration $1200 USD

Plant dieta with the Rose is available for those who wish to learn and heal through this powerful practice. Two-week dietas include preparation, two full-day plant meditations, energetic support throughout, and two integration sessions. Please make sure you have a full month available to include preparation and post dietary restrictions.

You will be supported in building a relationship with the rose through instruction on opening sacred space and creating traditional offerings that strengthen communication and reciprocity with spirit and the natural world. Energetic support and regular check-ins are included and encouraged throughout the dieta. This offering is suited to those who feel a strong call to do deep personal work while learning skilfull approaches to working with plant spirit medicine. Cost is $3000 USD.

Payments can be made to richardwwillis@icloud.com via PayPal or Zelle. For new clients, please schedule a free introductory call to see how we can work together to best suit your needs. All offerings are available at discounted rates for those who would otherwise be unable to access these services.