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Our six-month online course, beginning on November 18th, 2022, is preparation for our in-person journey through the high mountains of Peru in June of 2023.

Participants will be guided to build their personal altars (mesas), learn to tend the earth and all our relations through ritual offering (despacho), and develop energy medicine practices to support the well-being of our families and larger community.

Luis Quispe Calcinas, Don Agostin Macacca Florez, Santos Machacca Apaza

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Dreaming Ourselves Awake

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Each night, upon sleep, a mysterious portal opens to invite our consciousness to explore amongst vast fields of vibrant forms and potent possibility. We have sourced powerful dream plants from the folds of Sacred mountains to bring our dreams alive. With the blessings of the mountains, lakes, and earth keepers of Q’eros nation, we will will embark on our 8-week journey of remembrance and awakening in the realms of dreams.

Plant medicine facilitators and dreamworkers Jane Mayer and Richard Wade are delighted to be joining together in community to open up the medicine of dreams.

Jane Mayer
Richard Wade

During this journey you will learn how to skilfully engage with the intelligence of dreams through individual and group exploration. Dreams are available to us each night, and the extent to which self-discovery, healing, and access to realms of spirit are available to us has no bounds. We invite you to cross the threshold and open the maps that invite deep integration and a skilfull approach to knowing and harmonizing the psyche.

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